Begusarai Bridge Collapses 2022

बेगूसराय में गंडक नदी पर करीब 14 करोड़ की लागत से बना एक पुल उद्घाटन से पहले ही धराशाही हो गया है. पुल का एक हिस्सा गंडक नदी में टूट कर गिर गया है.

Begusarai Bihar Bridge Collapse 2022

There is a shocking news from Bihar Begusarai district where a newly constructed bridge collapsed before opening, The bridge was constructed with a budget of 14 crore but it could not stand for a month.

The collapsed bridge was a newly constructed bridge and opening ceremony of bridge was awaited, but before opening it collapsed.This incident shows the level of corruption in the goverment departments of Bihar