Zaruki International Airport (Shillong Airport) Meghalaya


Zaruki International Airport (Shillong Airport)


There are 446 airport and airstrips in INDIA, of which airport authority of India manages 137 it also provides with air traffic management.

Where is Zaruki international airport located ?

Zaruki international airport or Shillong airport is located in Meghalaya and is near to umroi (30 km) at an elevation AMSL 0f 2190 ft (0.67 km).

History of Zaruki Airport

It is also known as umroi airport and became operational in the 1970's. It was upgraded in 2011 with expansion of runway.

In 2019 D G C A approved the operation of flights under udan scheme with a daily flight to Kolkata. But unfortunately a further expansion of airport cannot be done due to huge amount of investment of around 8000 crores. It was difficult for state authorities to expand the airport at this level of investment. 

The zaruki airport is known for the geographical location and beauty of its surrounding hills.

Zaruki International Airport (Shillong Airport) Meghalaya

Airport type                -             Public
Operator                      -            Airport authority of India
Location                      -            Shillong Meghalaya
AMSL Elevation         -            2190 ft
DGCA approval          -            2019
Runway length            -            6000 ft

shillong airport, Meghalaya

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