What is a Computer?

computer and its function

An electronic device that stores, retrieves and process data and can be programmed with instruction to perform various functions for desired output.

Literal meaning of computer is the device, which can calculate

A computer can exist in a variety of configurations according to the user's need and function

The main component of a computer is hardware and software with different configuration and functions

Characteristics of computers

·        Speed                  A computer is a highly efficient device that can perform 3-4 million                                      instructions per second.

·        Data storage       Can store large amount of data without

·        Accuracy             Computer can perform functions at a high degree of accuracy

·        Versatility            Can perform various types of tasks easily

·        Reliability           Can perform the same function or task repeatedly without errors

Advantages of computer

  • ·         Can perform a number of tasks at the same time                                                                                                                                                                       
  • ·         Accuracy remains same
  • ·         Minimal chances of error
  • ·         Less resource required as compared to the human being

Disadvantage of computer

  • ·         Always require a power source to operate
  • ·         Chances of device failure are high
  • ·         Needs a skilled person to overcome malfunction
  • ·         Do not have intelligence and performs work blindly


How a computer works?

The functioning of a simple computer can be illustrated by input-process-output model


 Workflow of computer

The input we provide a computer are called data

The output we obtain after the processing is called as information.

Basic parts of computer

  • ·         Input devices     The devices used to input data are known as input devices, for example                                            keyboard, mouse
  • ·         Output device   The device that gives information after processing are known as output                                           devices for example visual display, printers
  • ·       Control unit        This unit controls all functions of a computer for example CPU
  • ·      Arithmetic logical unit       
  •                                  This part is known as the brain of the computer as it processes all arithmetic                                   as well as logical calculation of a computer.
  • ·         Memory             All data either processed or non-processed are stored in the storage of                                             a computer.

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