Important Days




January 1

Global Family day, World peace day

January 4

World Braille Day

January 6

World War Orphans Day

January 9

Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas/ NRI Day

January 10

World Hindi Day, World Laughter Day

January 12

National Youth Day ( Birthday of Swami Vivekananda)

January 15

Indian Army Day

January 24

National Girl Child Day

January 25

January 25

National Voters Day

January 26

International Customs Day

January 26

Republic Day

January 27

International Day of commemoration in memory of the victimsof the Holocaust

January 30

World Leprosy Day

January 30

National Martyr’s Day

February 1

Indian Coast Guard Day

February 2

World Wetlands Day

February 4

World Cancer Day

February 4

National Day of Srilanka

February 6

International Day of Zero Tolerance to female genital mutilation

February 10

National Deworming Day

February 10

World Pulses Day

February 12

Darwin Day

February 12

National Productivity Day

February 12-18

National Productivity Week

February 13

World Radio Day

February 20

World Day of Social Justice

February 21

International Mother Language Day

February 22

World Scout Day

February 24

Central Excise Day

February 27

World NGO Day/ World Sustainable Energy Day

February 28

National Science Day

March 1

World civil Defence Day

March 1

Zero Discrimination Day

March 3

National Defence Day

March 3

World Wildlife Day

March 3

World Hearing Day

March 4

National Security Day

March 8

International Women’s Day

March 8

World Kidney Day

March 10

National Immunization Day

March 15

World Consumer Rights Day

March 16

National Vaccination Day

March 18

National Ordnance Factories Day

March 18

Global Recycling Day

March 20

International Day of Happiness

March 20

World Sparrow Day

March 21

World Forestry Day/ International Day of Forests

March 21

World Poetry Day

March 21

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 21

World Down Syndrome Day

March 22

World Water Day

March 23

World Meteorological Day

March 24

World Tuberculosis Day

March 24

International Day of Achievers

March 25

International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slaveryand the Transatlantic Slave Trade

March 26

Epilepsy Awareness Day also known as world Purple Day

March 27

World Theatre Day

March 30

Earth Hour 2019

April 1

Odisha Day

April 01-07

Prevention of Blindness week

April 02

World Autism Awareness Day

April 02

International Children’s book Day

April 04

International Mine Awareness Day

April 05

National Maritime Day

April 06

International day of Sport for development and Peace

April 07

World Health day

April 07-14

National Handloom Week

April 08

World Tradition Day

April 10

World Homeopathy Day

April 11

National Safe Motherhood Day

April 11

National Pet Day

April 17

World Haemophilia Day

April 18

World Heritage Day

April 19

World Liver Day

April 21

Civil Services Day

April 22

Earth Day

April 23

World Book and Copyright Day

April 24

National Panchayat Day

April 25

World Malaria Day

April 26

World Intellectual Property Day

April 27

World Veterinary Day

April 28

World Day for safety and Health at work

April 29

International Dance Day

April 30

Ayushman Bharat Diwas

May 01

International Labour Day/ May Day

First Thursday of May

World Password Day

May 2

World Tuna ( Fish) Day

May 3

World Press Freedom Day

First Friday in May

National Space Day

May 4

Coal Miners Day

May 4

International Firefighters Day

1st (Sunday)

World Laughter Day

May 5

International Day of the Midwife

May 6

International No Diet Day

May 7

World Athletics Day

First Tuesday of May

World Asthma Day

May 8

World Red Cross Day

May 9

World Thalassaemia Day

May 11

National Technology Day

May 12

International Nurses Day

May 15

International Day of Families

May 16

International Day of Light

May 16

National Dengue Day

May 17

World Hypertension Day

May 17

World Telecommunication Day

May 18

World AIDS Vaccine Day

May 18

International Museum Day

May 20

World Meteorology Day

May 20

World Bee Day

May 21

National Anti- terrorism Day

May 22

International Day of Biological Diversity

May 23

World Turtle Day

May 25

World Thyroid day

May 28

World Hunger Day

May 29

International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

May 29

International Everest Day

May 29

World Digestive Health Day

May 31

World No Tobacco Day

June 1

Global Day of Parents

June 1

World Milk Day

June 3

World Bicycle Day

June 4

International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

June 5

World Environment Day

June 7

World Food Safety Day

June 8

World Ocean Day

June 8

World Brain Tumor Day

June 12

World Day Against Child Labour

June 13

International Albinism Awareness Day

June 14

World Blood Donor Day

June 15

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15

Global Wind Day

June 16

International Day of Family Remittances

June 17

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

June 18

Autistic Pride Day 2019

June 18

Sustainable Gastronomy Day

June 18

International Picnic Day

June 19

World sickle cell day

June 19

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence inConflict

June 20

World Refugee Day

June 21

International Day of Yoga

June 21

World Music Day

June 21

World Hydro graphy Day

June 23

United Nations Public Service Day

June 23

World Olympic Day

June 25

International Day of the Seafarer

June 25

World Vitiligo Day

June 26

International Day of Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

June 27

International MSME Day

June 29

International Statistics Day

June 29

International Day of the Tropics

June 30

International Asteroid Day

June 30

International Day of Parliamentarism

July 1


July 1

International Joke Day

July 1

National Doctor’s Day

July 2

World Sports Journalist Day

July 2

World UFO Day

July 6

International Day of Cooperatives

July 11

World Population Day

July 12

World Malala Day

July 14

International Shark Awareness Day

July 15

World Youth Skills Day

July 17

World Day of International Justice

July 18

International Nelson Mandela Day

July 22

National Flag Adoption Day

July 23

National Broadcasting Day

July 26

20th anniversary of KargilDiwas

July 28

World hepatitis Day

July 28

World Nature Conservation Day

July 29

International Tiger Day

July 30

World Day against Trafficking in Persons

August 1- 7

World Breastfeeding Week

August 4

International Friendship Day

August 7

National Handloom Day

August 8

Quit India Movement Day

August 9

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

August 10

World Biofuel Day

August 12

International Youth Day

August 12

World Elephant Day

August 13

National Organ Donation Day

August 19

World Humanitarian Day

August 19

World Photography Day

August 20

World Mosquito Day

August 21

World Senior Citizens Day

August 29

National Sports Day

September 2

Coconut Day

September 3

Skyscraper Day

September 5

International Day of Charity

September 5

Teacher’s Day

September 7

Forgiveness Day

September 8

International Literacy Day

September 10

World Suicide Prevention Day

September 11

Patriot Day

September 14

Hindi Diwas

September 14

World First Aid Day

September 15

Engineer’s Day

September 15

International Day of Democracy

September 16

World Ozone Day

September 16

International Day of Preservation

September 21

International Day of Peace and Non- violence

September 21

World Alzheimer’s day

September 22

World Rose Day

September 23

International Day of Sign Languages

September 26

World Contraception Day

September 26

World Maritime Day

September 27

World Tourism Day

September 28

World Rabies Day

September 29

World Heart Day

September 30

International Translation Day

October 1

International Coffee Day

October 1

World Vegetarian Day

October 2

Gandhi Jayanthi

October 2

International Day of Non- violence

October 3

German Unity Day

October 3

World Nature Day

October 4

World Animal Welfare Day

October 5

World Teachers Day

October 5

World Habitat Day

October 8

Indian Air Force Day

December 7

International Civil Aviation day

December 9

International Anti -Corruption Day

December 10

Human Rights Day

December 11


December 14

World Energy Conservation Day

December 15

International Tea Day

December 18

India’s Minorities Rights Day

December 18

International Migrants Day

December 19

Goa’s Liberation day

December 20

International Human Solidarity day

December 22

National Mathematics Day

December 23

Kisan Divas- Farmers day in India

December 24

National Consumer rights day

December 25

Christmas Day

December 25

India’s Good Governance Day

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